Mrs Daljit L. XC90

“Dear Mr Carolan,

I really feel I must write and tell you that you are a very special engineer. Not only have you fixed my XC90 but after years of being treated like an imbecile by “other” garages you made me feel completely at ease and explained everything that my car needed in matter of fact and non-condescending manner. My car and all my friends’ cars….Volvos of course, will be coming to you from now on. Once again thank you.

Mrs Daljit L. XC90 Entrepreneur -Welwyn Garden City.”

George Harris S60

“For over twenty years Tony has look after my and my family’s cars.

This gives me a great sense of security, confidence and trust knowing each vehicle is performing the best that it can at an honest price.

I always feel proud to recommend my friends to Tony and they are always happy for the intro, just as I was when my friend introduced me.”

George Harris S60 – Actor “Layer cake, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones – Raider of the Lost Ark, etc” – S60

B Sharma V70

“Tony is an absolute genius with cars – whether it is a straight-forward service or diagnosing ‘a funny noise’. He is extremely efficient, completely reliable and very friendly. The service is second to none and he is always smiling! I have known him for over 15 years and would have no hesitation at all in recommending his services.”

B Sharma – V70

Mr Abimbola Volvo S40

Dear Tony,

It takes me an hour and a half to drive to Tony and IV Services, a journey I’ve undertaken for close to 5 years yet I wouldn’t consider allowing anyone else to look after my Volvo. The service is professional, friendly and honest. A superb experience and I always leave satisfied. IV Services was recommended to me by a dear friend, who has been with the garage for over ten years and we both feel the same, wish that all places were this caring. I’m glad to have this opportunity to show my gratitude to Tony and his team – all your hard work has really been appreciated, thank you.

Volvo S40, Mr Abimbola, London.

Steven – S80

Dear Tony,

Just a quick message to show my appreciation of you honesty and professionalism. After using an “Alfa” garage to service my car, thinking it must be better than general garages. But then after a service to find my car miss firing and sounding like it’s on it last legs and the garage staing a full engine strip down – I find you on the Volvo Forum. You looked at my car fixed the problem ( special Volvo spark plugs!!) and saved me a fortune

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my car is now better than ever – before bringing it to you I thought I was in the market for a new car but now, even though having done over 150,000 miles, the car feels just run in!! Tony and Dan you are the best.

Steven -S80 Business Consultant – Herts

Mr Matindale 240GLT

Dear Tony,

Over the last 10 years you have serviced my Volvo 1990 240GLT In all those years I have taken holidays in France and Spain. Driving some 3,000-4,000 within a 3 week period without any problems. I have of cause had my car serviced and checked over by your garage and received service second to none and value for money.

With your valuable knowledge of Volvo cars and advice, plus piece of mind whilst driving abroad is something money cannot buy. After every service, I have just thanked you, shaken your hand and paid the bill.

I should like to place it on record to all your staff at IVServices, my sincere thanks for 118,000 miles of trouble free motoring over the years.

Mr Matindale 240GLT

Mr Roberts XC70

Dear Sirs,

On Tuesday you greatly assisted me getting my XC70 running again following a serious fuel leak when one of my injector pipes failed dumping around 2-3-gallon of diesel over my engine and around my car.

Following your assistance I was able to replace the failed pipe and to get back home again. Your help was extremely good and much more than one could have wished for. Thank you very much indeed.

I wish I new of garages like yours around in my part of the country as my experience with a main line Volvo dealers is terrible.

Mr Roberts XC70 -Wokingham

T Buckland V70

‘Tony Carolyn of I.V.Services has serviced my ’07 registered Volvo V70 regularly.

He also serviced my previous Volvo T5.

I have been completely satisfied with all the work he has carried out and am happy to recommend him ( which I do regularly).

An issue that comes up from time to time with Volvo is whether the warranty is invalidated by using him. It is my understanding from conversations with the local Volvo main dealership that provided genuine Volvo parts are used, using I.V.Services does not invalidate the warranty.’

T Buckland V70 (Fomer MD -Deutsche Bank AG)

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